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Who Are CASA Volunteers?

Every child deserves a safe, permanent home.  As a Court Appointed Special Advocate, you are empowered by the courts to help make this a reality. Through your volunteer advocacy, you will not only bring positive change to the lives of these vulnerable children, but also to the lives of their children, and generations to come. And in return, you will enrich your own life as well.

CASA volunteers are members of the community who receive extensive education and training in order to advocate for abused and neglected children – who through no fault of their own – are thrust into juvenile and domestic relations court and often, into foster care.

CASA volunteers advocate for these children to make sure they don’t get lost in an overburdened system. Their ultimate responsibility is to promote safe, permanent homes as quickly as possible. It is slow, painstaking, and incredibly challenging work, but one child at a time, CASA Volunteers are making a difference in our community.

Meet CASA Volunteers

Volunteer Responsibilities

CASA volunteers advocate for the best interests of an abused or neglected child who is under the protection of the Juvenile and Domestic Relations District Court. CASA volunteers receive extensive training and are supervised by professional staff members. This enables them to effectively gather information to report back to the court. The role of a CASA volunteer is to:

  • Investigate the circumstances of the case
  • Submit to the court a written report of the investigation
  • Monitor the case to ensure compliance with court orders
  • Assist the Guardian Ad Litem (GAL) if one has been appointed
  • Report allegations of abuse or neglect to the Department of Social Services